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Agent Strange

It's a Strange World.

Strange & the Familiars bring you songs from beyond the veil, words of warning and mourning for all that humanity might lose. Dark humor and macabre lyrics lace story-minded music with a gothic flare. Orchestral rock and jazzy melodies combine with smoky vocals to paint a soundtrack to a world both strange and familiar, where our dreams and nightmares come out to play.

Purple, blue, and green swirls around comic book character,
                Stephanie Strange, and her three black cat Nightmares

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Strange & the Familiars' Second Album - Out Now!

Strange World, is here.

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Three cartoon black cat Nightmares tower over a child with their teddy bear

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Comic book cover of tiny black cat squaring up to fight
                  a bug titled From the Chronicles of Nina Nightmare: Ghost Bugs

Strange World Presents…

Ghostbugs - The Chronicles of Nina Nightmare

Follow the adventures of otherworldly black cat, Nina Nightmare!

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