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How Stephanie Became Strange
A Strange World Story

It's a Strange World.

We are storytellers.

That is to say, we are mapmakers. Messengers.

We are not lightbearers, but we will provide you with some dry wood and a match, if you care to give it a go.

Some assembly required.

Purple, blue, and green swirls around comic book character,
                Stephanie Strange, and her three black cat Nightmares

How Stephanie Became Strange

A Strange World Comic Book illustrated by Jay Reynolds - Coming June 25th!

Strange World is here.

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Three cartoon black cat Nightmares tower over a child with their teddy bear

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Comic book cover of tiny black cat squaring up to fight
                  a bug titled From the Chronicles of Nina Nightmare: Ghost Bugs

Strange World Presents…

Ghostbugs - The Chronicles of Nina Nightmare

Follow the adventures of otherworldly black cat, Nina Nightmare!

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